We know that Santa Maria, CA, customers nowadays are busier than ever before. That is why we offer a range of online tools to handle your automotive needs from the comfort of your home. Our Kelley Blue Book trade-in tool is one of the many digital retailing services you can find on our website. Here is a quick walkthrough and some helpful information about this fantastic form.

Your Vehicle's Information

To start, you will need to answer some common questions about your car or SUV. This includes the make, model, and year of your ride. All these answers can be found in your owner's manual, making it easy to fill out.

Other vehicle-related questions include things like the engine, transmission, and drivetrain. These, too, can all be located in your owner's manual. If you are having difficulty finding these answers, a quick online search should be able to clear it up.

Finally, your vehicle's mileage is needed to fill out this form. This is a great indicator for the online tool to know what condition your car or SUV is in. The mileage greatly impacts the value of your trade-in.

Extras and Trade-In Options

The next step is to tell us a bit more about your car or SUV. This could include trim levels, appearance packages, tech upgrades, and more. All of these play a role in evaluating your vehicle because if you have spent more on your car, it is more than likely worth more to the next Arroyo Grande buyer.

While using the Kelley Blue Book trade-in tool, you can also punch in the information of the next model you want. Whether you choose a new car or truck, you will see the cost of that vehicle after your trade-in's value. This is a great way for customers to understand what their next deal looks like.

Keeping it Factual

When entering information about your vehicle, it is very important to be as factual as possible. After seeing your car's worth, you will more than likely want to bring it to our dealership. Our professionals will make sure that your ride matches the description you entered online so that everyone gets a fair deal.

Your Information

We will also need your information so that we know whom we are working with. These are the exact same fields you would need to fill out if working in person at our finance center. From name to phone number, this should all be fairly easy to handle. If you have any questions on why we need this contact information, feel free to call one of our professionals.

Online Security

Being cautious of entering personal information online is always a good idea. However, we can assure you that this is a completely secure trade-in tool. Kelley Blue Book has been working in the automotive industry for a very long time, and that is due to its reputation for fair and honest practices. So, you can enter the needed information into this tool with a complete peace of mind, knowing only you and a trained professional will see your responses.

Your Next Steps

After accepting their evaluation, Goleta customers can choose one of two next steps. First, you can simply take the money and be on your way. Our team will never use a pushy tactic to get you into a deal that you are not comfortable with. For those looking for their next purchase, we have a range of great options to put your trade-in towards.

Our new and used inventories are full of beloved models that would make for a fantastic purchase. Whether you want a new Chevy Silverado or a Buick Enclave, we have you covered. Visit or call our dealership today to get started.